Joining the EWTA


EWTA will promote the benefits of water treatment, both on a political and on a social level, in order to support its member companies.

By means of and supported by studies conducted both in Europe and in the USA, EWTA can substantiate the statements made about the benefits of water treatment. This way EWTA can help to inform public and political opinion regarding water softening.

Protection of interests

EWTA defends the interests of the water treatment sector on a Euopean level
- POE/POU industries interests
- Interests regulators/regulations on a national and European level
- Interests in CEN
- Interests in WHO
- Interests in public opinion

Access to database

Members can view documents on the Activity List page which are only available to members.  These include studies and position papers from associations across Europe and the USA concerning water treatment and also details of meetings which have been attended by EWTA representatives.

Members also have access to a list of regulations that apply within the different countries across Europe. Knowing the regulations that apply for a specific country can be very useful when exporting goods.

Apply for membership

For further information about EWTA, please contact us.

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